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Go 4 Sport Volunteering

Go 4 Sport Volunteering is an Erasmus+ Sport project implemented by sport clubs from 3 countries, Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia. Sport clubs, especially small clubs on local level such as all partners involved in the project, depend and rely on the involvement of volunteers in their work. Engaging volunteers in different positions whether as helping to run a club, as couches, members of secretariats or volunteers in organization of sport events on formal or informal bases is crucial to sustain the clubs in life. Recruiting new volunteers especially for more formal positions is always difficult.

Today the access for (potential) volunteers to sport volunteering is chaotic, whereas we as sport event organizers rarely find internal systematic way for finding, engaging and managing volunteers in a repeatable model that gives results. As all our sport events heavily rely on volunteers, solving these challenges is at the core of local clubs existence. How do we attract young people to become volunteers in our work, how do we engage them in sports clubs, how do we promote our areas as attractive for volunteers? One may ask themselves what skills I get from being a volunteer in a sport event organization. Can the answer to this question be our possible solution?

3 local sport clubs are involved as partners in this project. All the above mentioned questions in fact reflect our needs on local level. The answer to them will help us establish a solid model for attracting volunteers and managing them locally, will extend our network of cooperation, will allow us to see different structures on European level, and finally will help us develop tools for promotion and attracting volunteers in sports activities with underlining the skills they can developed through their engagements in sport activities.

Project activities

  • Organization of 3 transnational project meetings
  • Implementation of a Research on how to attract volunteers in sport activities
  • Developing a Tool-kit on how to attract volunteers in sport activities
  • Organization of National round table activities
  • Developing movies
  • Implementation of Virtual Youth exchange and Open sport days in the 3 partner countries

Project partners

Go4Sport Volunteering is implemented by a consortium of 3 partner organizations

Dance Sport Club KREATOR Dens
Atletski klub OKIT Vodice
Konya Sport Club

Our work

Project news

Find out about what is happening in the project and where we are with implementation

Join us on a journey through the heart of athletics across our three countries—Macedonia, Croatia, and Turkey. This film investigates into the world of volunteering in athletics, capturing the dedication and passion of individuals who selflessly contribute to the sport’s growth. As a viewer, you’ll need to pay close attention to the entire story to …

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Basketball inspirations

Experience the inspiring journey of Oğuzhan, a young dreamer from Turkey, in our heartwarming silent basketball film. Follow his path as he pursues his passion for basketball, discovering the power of volunteering along the way. As viewers, you’ll need to pay close attention to the entire story to fully grasp its emotional depth and inspiring …

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Step into the world of ballroom dancing with our captivating documentary, filmed across three culturally rich countries—Macedonia, Croatia, and Turkey. Our camera went on a journey to see what ballroom dancing is and how it’s functioning in our 3 countries. We spoked with many experts in the field, and discover all aspects of dancing as …

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The final meeting of the Go4sportVolunteering project took place from April 16-20, 2024, in Konya, Turkey. Hosted by Konya Büyükşehir Belediyesi Spor Kulübü, this event brought together project partners to review achievements, finalize project conclusions, and present our work to local stakeholders. Partners had a chance to discuss project’s overall progress, to present reports on …

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Project Final Conference

The final conference of the Go4sportVolunteering project took place at Hacı Bektaş Veli University and was hosted by Konya Metropolitan Sports Club. The event saw a diverse attendance of 144 participants, including representatives from Macedonia, Croatia, and Turkey, university students, NGOs, sports club representatives, and academics. Mr. Cihat Özer, a faculty member at Hacı Bektaş …

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The last day of our project final meeting, 19 April 2024, was dedicated to working meetings and developing future plans.  A visit was made to Mr. Yavuz Kızılaslan, President of Konya BBSK. The project process and outputs were mentioned, his opinions were received and the functioning of sports activity processes between Turkey and other countries …

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Within the project “Go4Sport Volunteering” we aimed to explore the perspectives of various stakeholders regarding volunteering in sport activities and its impact on skills development. To accomplish this better, project team have organized a series of round tables across three partner countries: North Macedonia, Turkey, and Croatia. Each round table gathered a diverse group of …

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