Successful Launch of Opening Conference

The Opening Conference of the project was held at Conference Hall Komitet on the 15th of September 2022. The event, hosted by Dance Sport Club Kreator Dens, focused on involving the community, empowering youth, and promoting sports. Representatives from different local groups, around 47 people in total, gathered for an insightful session.

The conference aimed to introduce the project’s plans and activities. Through discussions and visuals, attendees got a glimpse of the exciting opportunities ahead.

One of the goals of the event was to unite local community members and encourage their active participation in the project. This collaboration aimed to make everyone feel responsible for its success. The conference also highlighted the benefits of the Erasmus+ Sport program, which offers chances for international collaboration and learning.

Representatives discussed volunteering in sports and raised questions about the project and Erasmus+. The project team provided answers, stressing the importance of open communication and learning from each other.

Thanks to the efforts of Dance Sport Club Kreator Dens and the project team, the conference was a success. Their hard work ensured a smooth event that inspired everyone present.

With a shared sense of purpose, the Opening Conference marked a strong beginning for a future of the project.

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