Go 4 Sport Volunteering – Kick-off Meeting in Kumanovo, Macedonia

A remarkable demonstration of international collaboration and shared vision! The “Go 4 Sport Volunteering” project kicked off its journey with an inspiring Kick-off meeting held in the city of Kumanovo, Macedonia. From the 12th to the 16th of September 2022, representatives from partner organizations joined at the welcoming premises of the Dance Sport Club KREATOR Dens to start this great cooperation.

The event marked a pivotal moment for the project, bringing together four representatives from each partner organization to collectively lay the base for what promises to be a game-changing initiative. The objectives of the meeting were as ambitious as they were crucial:

  • Building Strong Foundations: The gathering aimed to foster deeper connections among the partner organizations by providing a platform for participants to get to know each other better. By fostering relationships and establishing close cooperation, the meeting laid the groundwork for a united front that would carry the project forward.
  • Mapping the Project activities: Exploring into the heart of the project, the meeting’s agenda involved detailed discussions about project implementation. Partners engaged in constructive conversations that mapped out the project’s trajectory, ensuring that every step is aligned with the primary vision.
  • Unified Communication: Recognizing the importance of effective communication in any collaborative work, the meeting aimed to establish a healthy system for communication between partner organizations. This step is crucial in ensuring that ideas, updates, and insights flow freely among the team, enhancing efficiency and synergy.
  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Partnership Agreements: With the project’s success hinging on a synchronized effort, the meeting provided a platform for partners to clarify roles and responsibilities. Through open dialogues, the participants smoothed out the details that would define each partner’s contribution. Furthermore, the partnership agreements solidified the collective commitment and outlined the framework how the project will go on.
  • Connecting with the Community: The meeting’s impact extended beyond closed doors. An Opening Conference was held as part of the agenda, allowing the project to introduce itself to local stakeholders. By sharing the project’s vision, objectives, and potential impact, the event established a bridge between the initiative and the community it seeks to empower.

Partners had the chance to review activities, define deadlines, create templates for work and simply have a good time during the meeting. The coordinating organization as well organized some nice cultural site seeing events to explore local culture, history and tradition.

The Kick-off Meeting in Kumanovo stands as a demonstration to the transformative potential of collaboration and shared goals. As representatives from diverse backgrounds and organizations converged, a shared passion for sports, volunteering, and positive change bound them together.

This event is more than a meeting—it’s a declaration of intent, a call to action, a start. Stay tuned for updates, as the “Go 4 Sport Volunteering” project continues to inspire and transform.

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