Starting our work on Our Toolkit for Volunteer Engagement in Sports

We’re pleased to update you on our ongoing project focused on volunteer involvement in sports. Our recent efforts have led to the development of a valuable toolkit designed to attract volunteers and highlight essential skills gained through sports and volunteering.

Our toolkit will serve two main purposes:

  • Unified Approach: We’ve started to create a straightforward guide to help organizations involve volunteers in sports. This toolkit will offer practical steps, making it easier for groups and individuals to tap into the benefits of volunteering in sports.
  • Skill Emphasis: Our toolkit underlines the skills that people can develop through sports and volunteer work. By emphasizing these skills, we aim to inspire potential volunteers and encourage them to engage actively.

This toolkit will be the result of collaborative work among our partner organizations. We developed a plan for online meetings to be implemented in the next period where we will discuss and plan the toolkit’s content. Valuable insights will be gathered from representatives of sport universities, sport clubs, and NGOs that work with volunteers. This diverse input will ensure that the toolkit is relevant and effective in various settings.

During the next mid-evaluation transnational meeting, we’ll finalize the toolkit’s draft and facilitate discussions among stakeholders. This event will provide an opportunity to showcase the toolkit’s content and gather input from experts, fostering a meaningful exchange of ideas.

We look forward to sharing the finalized toolkit and its potential to drive positive change through the combined efforts of sports and volunteerism. Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward in our project.

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