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Following months of work, cooperation with partners from Turkey and Croatia, analysis of gathered questionaries’ from 791 youngsters from our three countries, and performed interviews with 33 local grass root sport organizations, we proudly present our Research report on the topic how young people perceive volunteering in sport activities, how many are involved as volunteers, why they choose to engage in such activities or not, and what competencies, skills, and values can be developed through volunteering in different sport club activities or disciplines, whether individual or team-based.

The objective of the Final research report and the research performed was to gather data through a desk research (questionnaire based) involving young people and local sport clubs in the partner countries. The research aimed to understand young people’s perception of volunteering in sport, their level of involvement in such activities, and the reasons why they would or would not volunteer. It also targeted local sport clubs to understand their experience with volunteers, recruitment strategies, and activities implemented to promote sport activities and volunteerism in sport.

The research, also, analyses existing documentation on skills development through sport activities and volunteering in sport, as well as skills recognition gained through sport activities on a national level. This final report provides insights into the competencies, skills, and values that can be developed through volunteering in sport activities.

We consider this research as relevant because it aims to gather data on young people’s involvement in volunteering in sport activities and their perceptions of it. It gives insights into the strategies used by local sport clubs to recruit and sustain volunteers and promote sport activities. Understanding these factors can help in the development of policies and programs that support and encourage young people to engage in volunteering in sport activities, which can have a positive impact on their personal and professional development.

Additionally, identifying the competencies, skills, and values that can be developed through volunteering in sport activities can help in creating training programs that enhance these skills, which can ultimately benefit the volunteers, sport clubs, and society as a whole.

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