Online Youth exchange – LET’S meet VIRTUALLY

On 06th of March 2024, we successfully held the first online youth exchange session as part of the “Go4Sport Volunteering” project. This exciting virtual workshop brought together 33 young volunteers from Macedonia, Turkey, and Croatia who were eager to learn about volunteering and how as volunteers they can contribute to the organization of the Open Sport Day. The main aim of this workshop was to facilitate introductions, explore opportunities for engagement and volunteering, meet fellow sports enthusiasts from across Europe, and exchange ideas and opinions.

The online exchange was expertly coordinated by our partners from Turkey, Konya Büyükşehir Belediyespor Kulübü. Additionally, members and volunteers from our long-term local partners, TSK Dinamik Kumanovo and Dance Studio Virtus, also participated, enriching the session with their presence and insights.

Day 1: Getting Acquainted and Exploring Opportunities

The first day focused on building connections and understanding the scope of volunteering in sports. Participants got to know each other, shared their interests in sports, and discussed their expectations from the project. This session set a strong foundation for collaborative learning and exchange.

Day 2: Educational Insights and Expert Presentations

The second day of our online exchange was held on 08 March 2024, and it was particularly educational for all participants. We had two key speakers present at the exchange who shared information and provided educational experiance for all participants: 

  • General Sports Education: Prof. Dr. Selçuk Akpınar, Dean of the Sport Science Faculty at Nevşehir University, delivered a highly informative presentation on the benefits of regular exercise and the overall importance of sports. Participants gained valuable insights into how sports can positively impact their lives and communities; 

  • Volunteering in Sports: Asst. Prof. Dr. Cihat Özer provided an enlightening talk on the significance of volunteering in sports activities. He covered why volunteering is essential, how young people can find opportunities, and the contributions volunteers make to sports organizations and clubs. His presentation emphasized the recognition and appreciation volunteers deserve for their efforts.

Learning from one another was a key objective of this exchange. Participants eagerly shared their planned activities for the Open Sport Day, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Conclusion: Reflections and Future Aspirations

Following the hands-on experience of Open Sport Day held on 09 March 2024, we concluded our online exchange on the 11 March 2024 with reflections on our collective journey. Volunteers shared their experiences, discussed what they learned, and compared notes on how activities unfolded in each country. Despite being a virtual exchange, the session was filled with memorable moments and forged new friendships across borders.

As we wrapped up the event, there was a unanimous wish to stay connected and a hopeful outlook toward organizing a physical exchange in the near future. This would allow our dedicated volunteers to build even stronger face-to-face relationships and continue their impactful work together.

This virtual exchange has been an integral part of the Go4SportVolunteering project, supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and participation of all volunteers and look forward to more collaborative efforts in the future.

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