Round tables in Kumanovo

With the aim to achieve its objectives for the round tables activity, the project team in Macedonia implemented a comprehensive methodology in the city of Kumanovo. The approach encompassed a series of events/round tables strategically designed to inspire youth participation in sports volunteering and to collect insights into their perspectives on this practice on local and national level.

Firstly, a round table discussion gathered 17 young students actively involved in sports, covering disciplines such as basketball, handball, dancing, and athletics. Held on March 20, 2024, the session aimed to encourage enthusiasm for sports volunteering among the participants. Discussions revolved around the essential role of volunteers in sports events, the spectrum of volunteer tasks, on which positions volunteers can be found, what can be their roles and responsibilities and how to attract them to get engaged. Participants also learned and discuss the Macedonian volunteering legislation, and the rights and responsibilities associated with sports volunteering. Additionally, participants received an overview of the project’s objectives and the toolkit developed to support sports volunteers.

Subsequently, on March 27, 2024, a round table event brought together 15 educators from primary and secondary schools in Kumanovo, trainers and coaches, and representatives from different sports clubs in Kumanovo. This event was a platform for different stakeholders to debate on different approaches for expanding youth engagement in sports volunteering. Discussions centered on legal details relevant to volunteering, characteristics defining effective volunteer programs, methodologies for volunteer recruitment, and checkup of the challenges and opportunities integral in sports volunteering.

The third round table discussion, scheduled with students learning sport management in local schools in Kumanovo, including students from DCU-RCSC “Kiro Burnaz” and SOU “Pero Nakov,” aimed to investigate deeper into the thematic aspects of sports volunteering. Organized on 03 April 2024, this session allowed 21 participants the opportunity to explore legal frameworks, volunteer rights and obligations, and opportunities for youth participation in sports volunteering. Participants learned on how to organize a sport event, where they can participate as volunteers on sport events, what kind of volunteers can be found in different positions and what kind of skills they need for different skills. They have also tested some of the methods indicated in the tool kit to see how they work in practice.

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