Participants thoughts on round tables organized

After the implementation of the round tables in Kumanovo, Macedonia, our team spoked with some of the participants to gather insight on what they learned through this activity and was this activity useful for them! Here is some of the info we collected. 

Martina Jovanovska, a certified Physical Education teacher and a long-time member of the women’s basketball club in Kumanovo, took part in the first round table held on 21 February 2024. “This activity was an incredible experience for me. I got to meet my colleagues and discuss various topics, sharing experiences and learning together. We had the chance to see the products from this project, and to go through the tool kit developed which was very useful for me. Especially the part speaking about the volunteering law framework. I realized the importance of volunteers in sports and felt proud of my contribution over the years”.

Vladimir Micevski, representing the junior and cadet team of the handball club in Kumanovo, gave his thoughts to our team:

“As a young athlete, I was honored to participate in this activity. I met other athletes and learned many useful things that will help me in my career. Today, I expanded my knowledge about the legal aspects of volunteering in sports and realized the impact we can make as volunteers. I hope there will be more activities like this.”


The second round table was organized for teachers, coaches, and sports club members from primary and secondary schools in Kumanovo. Held on March 27, 2024, the workshop aimed to explore ways to encourage more young people to get involved in sports volunteering. One of the highlights of the workshop was the opportunity for participants to share their experiences and best practices in recruiting and retaining young sports volunteers. Teachers and coaches shared success stories and lessons learned, inspiring one another to create more inclusive and engaging sports programs.

Vesna Petrovska, a physical education teacher from a local school, shared her thoughts on the round table: “The round table provided a valuable opportunity for us to come together and share our experiences in engaging young people in sports volunteering. Hearing about the successes and challenges faced by our peers has given us new ideas and inspiration to create more meaningful opportunities for youth involvement in sports.”

The round table concluded with a renewed commitment from participants to explore innovative ways to promote sports volunteering among the youth in Kumanovo.

Mila Gjosevska, long-time member of the women’s basketball club in Kumanovo, took part in the 3rd round table organized.

The event aimed to bring light on the importance of volunteering in sports, discussing the legal framework, volunteer rights and duties, and opportunities available for young people in sports volunteering. During the discussion, participants went through into the legal aspects of sports volunteering, familiarizing themselves with the laws and regulations governing volunteering activities. They emphasized the significance of understanding volunteer rights and duties, ensuring both volunteers and organizations are well-informed and protected.

One of the key points of discussion was the need to involve more young people in sports volunteering. Participants recognized the numerous benefits of volunteering for youth development and community engagement. They agreed that by encouraging more young people to participate in sports volunteering, they could foster a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and leadership among the youth while making a positive impact on the community.

Here are some thoughts that Ms Mila has shared with us on this event: This activity was very good experience for me. I had the chance to speak with young people who are part of different sport clubs in Kumanovo, and we talked about many different topics related to sports and volunteering. We shared our experiences and learned a lot from each other. I learned about the importance of volunteers in sports, especially in organizing events and supporting athletes. It was interesting to see how many volunteers are needed for one event such as basketball tournament to be organized. I also gained new ideas on how to engage more people in volunteering. I would come again if there are similar activities organized”

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