Round tables with OKIT Vodice

As part of the Go4sportVolunteering project under Work Package 2, the Okit Vodice Athletic Club organized three round tables with key stakeholders to discuss volunteering in sports.

First round table was organized on February 28, in Vodice. It gathered representatives from various sports associations. The session started with an overview of the Go4sportVolunteering project, including its goals and activities. Participants had already contributed to the project through survey questionnaires during a national survey.

Key discussions included:

  • Challenges in organizing sports competitions.
  • Shortages of volunteers and the need for better engagement and motivation.
  • Difficulties faced by club members who are volunteers but have other commitments.

The project tool kit was presented, featuring templates and instructions for volunteer management. It was agreed that effective planning and a structured volunteer program are essential.

The second round table involved students from Ivan Meštrović Secondary School and it was held in Drnis.  Participants were introduced to the project and briefly to the Erasmus+ program, highlighting various opportunities for participation.

Students shared their views on volunteering, associating it with helping others and environmental clean-ups. Discussions focused on:

  • Volunteering at sports events.
  • Ways to get involved and what motivates volunteers.
  • The importance of direct contact over social media notifications for volunteer recruitment.

Students were tasked with designing a sports competition, considering the necessary volunteer roles, and then presenting their ideas to their peers.

The third round table also targeted students, reinforcing the importance of engaging young people early. Seventeen students attended and were briefed on the project and Erasmus+ program opportunities. Initial perceptions linked volunteering to humanitarian efforts and environmental care, with little consideration of sports. However, discussions clarified the critical role of volunteers in sports clubs. Students were divided into three groups to design volunteer activities and roles for sports events, and they presented their ideas to one another.

Key Takeaways from the Round Tables:

Importance of Volunteers: Volunteers are crucial for the successful organization of events, contributing time and knowledge.

Community Impact: Volunteers enhance the local community’s image and overall improvement.

Volunteer Management: Effective volunteer management is essential. Clubs should invest in educating themselves on how to manage and develop volunteers’ skills.

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