Project paper from Round tables implemented

Within the project “Go4Sport Volunteering” we aimed to explore the perspectives of various stakeholders regarding volunteering in sport activities and its impact on skills development. To accomplish this better, project team have organized a series of round tables across three partner countries: North Macedonia, Turkey, and Croatia. Each round table gathered a diverse group of participants, totaling 54 individuals in Macedonia; 45 individuals in Turkey, and 43 in Croatia, representing different profiles within their respective communities (representatives from NGOs, local sport clubs and sport associations, students of sport management, volunteers in sport clubs, students interested in volunteering in sport activities etc.).

The main objectives of these round tables were threefold. Firstly, they aimed to facilitate discussions and promote education through sport activities, emphasizing skills development across various disciplines. Secondly, they aimed to raise awareness about the significance of volunteering in sport activities, highlighting its role in community engagement and personal growth. Lastly, the round tables provided a platform to introduce and promote the toolkit developed within the project, intended to provide support and guidance to individuals engaged in volunteering in sport activities.

Implemented locally in each country, these round tables served as dynamic forums for dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. The insights resulting from these discussions lay the groundwork for this report/paper, which aims to capture the diverse viewpoints and experiences of stakeholders involved in volunteering in sport activities and skills development.

This report presents a synthesized overview of the discussions held during the round tables, offering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and best practices surrounding volunteering in sport activities. By reporting on the perspectives of stakeholders, we aim to foster greater awareness, collaboration, and actionable insights to leverage the transformative potential of sport and volunteering for individual and community advancement. 

English version of the report can be found on the following: 

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