Project Final Conference

The final conference of the Go4sportVolunteering project took place at Hacı Bektaş Veli University and was hosted by Konya Metropolitan Sports Club. The event saw a diverse attendance of 144 participants, including representatives from Macedonia, Croatia, and Turkey, university students, NGOs, sports club representatives, and academics.

Mr. Cihat Özer, a faculty member at Hacı Bektaş Veli University and representative of Konya Metropolitan Sports Club, coordinated and moderated the event. He expressed the club’s satisfaction with the partnerships and collaborations formed during the project. Mr. Özer provided a detailed overview of the project’s activities, results, and opportunities for participants.

Ms. Dimovska, from the Kreator Dance sport club in Macedonia, shared insights into her club’s activities, volunteer management, and project-related issues. She discussed the role of volunteers in sports, highlighting the achievements of a Turkish sports faculty student who interned at her club, and elaborated on these internship opportunities.

Mr. Ante Frigonovic, representing Okit Sports Club in Croatia, explained the activities and operations of his volunteer-based club. He emphasized the importance of volunteering in sports and how individuals can get involved.

Mr. Özer and Ms. Dimovska then presented on Erasmus+ Sport opportunities, detailing how sports organizations can apply for and collaborate on projects across Europe. They highlighted opportunities for young people to participate in sports events and provided information about the Salto website.

The dean of the faculty also spoke, stressing the importance of volunteer engagement in sports clubs and how the university prepares students to understand club operations.

Following the presentations, there was a discussion session where representatives could ask questions about the project, activities, and Erasmus+. The team members addressed all queries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding among the attendees.

The event was well-organized, with other team members handling logistics, participant registration, refreshments, and more. The conference successfully met its objectives, marking a significant milestone for the Go4sportVolunteering project.

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