Working meetings and future plans

The last day of our project final meeting, 19 April 2024, was dedicated to working meetings and developing future plans. 

A visit was made to Mr. Yavuz Kızılaslan, President of Konya BBSK. The project process and outputs were mentioned, his opinions were received and the functioning of sports activity processes between Turkey and other countries were discussed. In particular, the importance given by the municipality to the sports club, the emphasis on working with volunteers and their support in big organizations were emphasized. Participants also shared some ideas for possible future cooperation between our 3 clubs, possible new project ideas that will help continue the cooperation established within this project in the future.  

Later in the day, we visited the office of Mr Alper Oral, the President of the Youth and Sport Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality. In this meeting, we engaged in a comprehensive discussion with our project partners about the two-year journey of the Go4sportVolunteering project, focusing on the final conference and the project outcomes. Key topics included youth policy, active youth participation in sports, and volunteering in sports. We presented the project’s results and activities and explored future collaboration opportunities between the municipality and sports clubs. Additionally, we discussed strategies for enhancing volunteer engagement, improving sports facilities, and promoting inclusive sports programs for all youth.

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