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Project objectives

The main topic addressed by the project “Go4Sport Volunteering” will be to promote education through sport activities with special focus on skills development. More specifically how volunteering engagements in sport can lead to development of life skills for volunteers, how we as sport clubs can attract more volunteers into our work, how we manage them and recognize the skills they gained, how we can ensure inclusive volunteering in sport.

Through the project we will aim to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • to analyses young people’s perception on volunteering in sport in our countries through a research targeting at least 600 young people in our countries;
  • to understand which competences, skills and values can volunteers developed through their engagement in different sport club activities or disciplines, weather individual or team-based through cooperation, interviews and discussion with different local sport clubs in our countries;
  • to exchange and combine knowledge and best practices in the field, with the aim to produce a tool kit for small scale sports clubs on how to attract and recruit volunteers by focusing on skill development and to ensure inclusive volunteering;
  • to promote cooperation between different stakeholders and local sport clubs, promote volunteering in sport activities with focus on skills development, and recognition of skills gained through volunteering in sport.

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Our Main activities

  • Organization of 3 transnational project meetings
  • Implementation of a Research on how to attract volunteers in sport activities
  • Developing a Tool-kit on how to attract volunteers in sport activities
  • Organization of National round table activities
  • Developing movies
  • Implementation of Virtual Youth exchange and Open sport days in the 3 partner countries

Partners involved in the project

Dance sport club KREATOR Dens

We are a dancing club that promotes latin and standard dances as sport discipline. Not many people know that ballroom dancing is recognized as Dance Sport. Putting the beauty of dance into a competitive format nurtures young people’s sense of achievement and teaches them valuable life lessons in self-discipline, commitment, breaking down barriers, self-expression and teamwork. Our role in the project is to promote skills development through Dance Sport and raise awareness of the work in this area, promote the discipline to various stakeholders, establish cooperation with different local sport clubs and networking. As a club, we have hosted 2 international projects (within the previous Youth in Action) and we are coordinating this international small collaborative partnership. 

You can find our more about our activities on our social media page: 


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Atletski klub Okit Vodice

We are an atletic club from Vodice, Croatia and we promote another sport discipline, athletic. We have experience on implementation of local and national projects. For our club this is the first hand international experience, however, we see this as learning and growing opportunity, helping each other, sharing of good practice. The team involved in this project, already has experience in managing international projects through a different organization. The Club is a member of a Local action group and they are  supportting us and helping us in the implementation of the project activities. 

You can find us on social media as


Konya Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club Association

We are a sport club from Konya, Turkey and we are a multidiscipline sport club. We cover 8 different sport disciplines. For the project we are including experts from various fields, however our focus is on one discipline basketball as a team sport. Our expertise in managing volunteers in sport clubs is an added value to the project. As a club, our work covers larger and bigger city and we manage a bigger number of volunteers in our work. From point of experts we also add value to the project activities since we can include various experts in the implementation of project activities.

You can find us on social media on https://www.facebook.com/konyabbsk

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