Activities - part of our project

Our activities are part of 3 work packages and each one of them brings a specific output as a result. Read about project activities summary and check out the page with project news that brings insides from our work!

Transnational project meetings

Within the project we will implement 3 translational project meetings. Kick-off meeting is planned to be implemented in Kumanovo, Macedonia and aims to bring together partners so that they can work together on building the bases for implementation of the project. At the same time partners will promote the project to local stakeholder and organize a Kick-off Conference. The second meeting will take place in Vodice, Croatia and this is for capacity building but also for mid-evaluation of the project. At the end of the project the final evaluation meeting will bring the partners together in Konya, Turkey where a Final Conference will be organized.

National research

We will organize and implement a desk research that will target young people from our countries, local sport clubs and documents produced in this field on national level. The research will be composed of two sets of questionnaires specifically design to target both groups. The first one will be mainly quantitative and will aim to identify how young people preserve volunteering in sport, The second set of questionaries’ will target local sport clubs and their experience with volunteers, recruitment of volunteers, technics they used, and activities implemented to promote sport activities and volunteerism in sport.

Developing a tool-kit

A tool-kit will be developed in a form of a unified model on how to attract volunteers in sport activities with focus on identified and recognized skills that one can develop through sport activities and volunteering in sport. The tool kit will be developed by partner organization through zoom online cooperation and consultation with different stakeholders such as representatives from sport universities, sport clubs, NGOs working with volunteers. The mid-evaluation transnational meeting will be as well used to finalize the draft tool-kit and at the same time to bring together different stakeholders to discuss the findings of the research and the developed tool-kit.

National round tables

All partners will implement local round tables with sport clubs from our regions / countries, students and universities. The aim of the round tables will be to promote education though sport activities with focus on skills development in different disciplines, to promote volunteering in sport activities and to promote the toolkit. Also, round tables will be used as a platform to discuss the tool-kit recommendations (since it’s the first drafts tool-kit), hear various opinions and recommendations from stakeholders and integrate them in the toolkit, if needed.

Making movies

Team members will work on developing a scenario for promotional movies in the three areas of our work. Here, we underline that the videos will not be a promotion of our sport clubs, but rather promotion of sport in these fields in general, skills that you can develop through sport activities, the role of volunteers in these sport disciplines, basically everything that the round tables will summarize as conclusion. Together with experts in this field, our team will work on filming, interviews, animations that will include stakeholders from all three countries. The scenarios will be developed by partners and together with an expert in movie making we will manage to coordinate, implement and film different scenes in all three countries with the aim to produce 3 videos with focus on volunteering and skills development through volunteering in sport.

Virtual exchange and Open Sport Day

The virtual exchange will aim to test if the developed tool-kit for volunteers will work in practice. Partners will select 10 motivated volunteers from each country interested to participate in a virtual exchange sessions and organize an Open sport day on local level as volunteers. These local volunteers together with the partners will organize and implement Open Sport Day that will be happening simultaneously in all three countries. Namely, the day will start with a Dancing local competition in Kumanovo, streamed online in the three locations / countries, it will be follow by a running race in Vodice and then by a basketball tournament in Konya. The whole event will be then simultaneously closed with a reward ceremony in all three countries. Activity will contribute towards ensuring improved digital competences of participants involved and of members in our clubs.